25 December 2015


We are having ourselves a very merry little  Christmas. It tends to be more of a several week holiday process for us. We had my family's Christmas last weekend with the highlight being BOTH kids staying the night with their Mam and Pap (hallelujah!!!), a train ride, and we all had our first Nutcracker experience. We are now with the Engineer's family for almost 2 weeks for our annual cousin fest. So far we have played Lego's, lincoln logs, gone on tractor rides with Opa, had an impromptu performance of "This little light of mine" for a church program, baked, family parties, and more to come including a day at Hershey Park :).

Maya is in heaven with her cousins and Dane is having a blast trying to keep up with three big kids, adding his manly grunts into the mix of squeals.