18 December 2016

ho ho ho!

Maya was not at all hesitant (for the first time ever) to boldly go up an accept her gift from Santa Claus (aka Uncle John). Dane, however, wasn't interested in talking to strangers and choose to bury his head in his sister shoulder and pretend the moment wasn't happening (which, of course, was equally adorbs).

You can hear the collective "Oooos and awes" in the background, right?

He was very impressed with Mams and Paps' new Christmas train.

15 December 2016

picture catch up

Maya's newly created special hangout space. She proudly designed and decorated all with supplies found around our house.

Dane happily watching model trains go around and around. I'm not gonna lie, he bores me to death with trains, my adorable little foamer (loving term for train fanatic, but for real it is.)

Maya's story dedicated to her foamer brother. She just gets him.

"Me and Dane had a fun time at the train library. We also had fun at the kids play space."

Baby burritos!

13 December 2016

bakin posta

Do you ever get sick of making healthy food, might I even say yummy food, only to hear "Really mom?! This for dinner!" (Yes, note sarcasm...this isn't a happy 5 year old). I decided to start a dinner board and added a couple of "kid friendly" starters. Maya happily added a few brilliant ideas.

Should someone tell her we are a mostly vegan family? Bacon pasta, chicken with eggs, turkey and peppers..where does she get these ideas?

Time to concede. We are only a moderately vegan family. I'm being majorly out numbered by the carnivores.

I did find the secret to brainwashing her to my side, but it involves a dose of reality even the Engineer isn't comfortable with. One day I made a whole chicken and asked Maya to choose what part of the chicken she wanted for dinner. I realized she hadn't associated meat with coming from an animal. The visual sparked her curiosity. That wing was a chickens arm? Did some one died the chicken? How did they died it? (Gotta love kid grammar).

I very bluntly explained they cut the chickens head off.

Maya didn't eat dinner that night.

I'm not sure why or how that was my best way of explaining a chicken's demise, but it came out before I could think and I crushed her that night.

Poor carnivore, sweet, overly emotional child. Someday you will be tormented by your food and be in and out of a vegan state like your mother. Sorry, kid.

This is what bacon pasta ended up looking like. I took instruction from the little chef herself :).

12 December 2016

a day off

Marcus took a random week day off and we got to enjoy some one on one time with our little Dane man. We did a little of what he likes and little of what we like, so a slow morning playing trains and then a Cbus ride followed by lunch at El Arepazo it was.

I could get used to a day with these two handsome fellow every week!

17 October 2016

family photo day

We had our annual family photos taken this Fall at the Scioto Mile, downtown Columbus. We used our favorite photographer, Emily. And while she captures the most beautiful pictures of our family that we smoother our walls and facebook pages with...lets keep it real...toddlers pick their noses (and apparently it's quite interesting for their sibling to watch).

They also give the biggest and best, knock you down, hugs!

07 October 2016


I love checking in on the kids once they are peacefully asleep (you know, after the reverse hostage negotiation situation has ended and they turn from bed time terrorists to my sweet sleeping babies). Every once in a blue moon they are cuddled up in such a way that I turn on my flash and risk starting the process all over in order to capture a moment as perfect as this.

Bed sharing siblings.
Best friends (fine, frienemies) for life.
The two little loves of my life.
Little buddy and his pillow sissy.

31 August 2016

mama fails

This is what it looks like when a crafty toddler locks himself into the house and his mama out of it. What I don't have a picture of is his mama climbing up a ladder, panicked about heights, and awkwardly crawling through a kitchen window in a dress. Thanks for the shenanigan, Dane buddy, wouldn't want a Wednesday to get boring!

16 August 2016

school kid, cool kid

Now that "sis sir" is back at school, Dane and I have all day, everyday together. While it's fun to have one on one time with my little man, it's also daunting to fair the week without his main source of free, built-in entertainment (that's why we have two, right?!).

Ready to pick up his "sis sir" at school with his "pack pack!"

Ok, it's not really that hard to hang with this cool man :)

first day jitters

You cried, I cried and then you had an amazing first day. (Kindergarten! When did that happen?!) I asked a little girl in your class if you could sit by her and she said "Sure, she can be my best friend." and suddenly you were in the right place. We made the choice to trust our gut this year and put you in Montessori. It's an expensive decision, especially when I'm still a mostly stay at mama, but your dad and I are so excited to see you learn in this environment and, honestly, we are jealous, lucky duck :)

Here's to learning, growing, new investments, and new friends!

Celebrating a successful first day!

24 July 2016

mama's bday

Ok, so this card and babies are the best! (Thanks to Paps for the art behind the card :).

I enjoyed a slow morning with my love and dinner with family.

10 July 2016

happy 2nd birthday, dane!

For Dane's birthday with celebrated with his favorites - grandparents, balls, and dog themed party supplies. We kept it simple with pizza and cake. You charmed all your guests with your adorable smile and wowed us all with the immense amount of food you can consume (seriously, where does it go?), and your insane ball skills...many think we have a future soccer player on our hands, but really any sport is out of my skill set, so I'll do my best to foster that one :). 

Dane, I seriously cannot get enough of you. I have wanted to smoother you with kisses since the moment I met you. Sometimes you throw semi-intense tantrums or squak at me (hello, meal prep time!), But generally you are a happy little dude. Your sister is your world right now. If she's there, your there. If she says it, you repeat. You two crack each other up and comfort each other at the slightest boo boo or hurt feelings.

At two on the dot, you suddenly had a verbal boom and the words started flowing. I love hearing your little, sometimes big, voice. From your sweet little "Kkkkay" when you agree to everything I say to your obnoxious "Mmmaaaaaaaww" when you are joining me down to demand something or another (probably food).

I am grateful to spend my days with you, getting to witness your beautiful little mind unfold as you learn and grow. I love you, my little man!

06 June 2016

maya's 5th birthday

We celebrated Maya in style with a new trampoline and mermaid themed cookout out with all her favorite friends and family.

Displaying IMG_20160816_205148.jpg

Maya made sure everyone knew when her birthday was - she started campaigning for it a day after her last party in true Maya planning fashion. She is her mother's daughter with her plan a,b,&c always in place. This has been a big summer for Maya. She conquered riding her bike and swimming. She still has the sweetest little face and gentle soul full of big emotions. She has become surprisingly loud. I blame her crazy preschool class last year, but also welcome the boldness the volume brings out of her.

My favorite phrase from Maya has been in response to me deciding a project isn't able to be completed. She catches me off guard with her wise beyond years words, "Mom, do Oberholzers ever give up?! Well do they?" 

In a few weeks Maya will enter into Kindergarten. The beginning of a new chapter that feels far more like the beginning of the end. I am officially no longer needed as stay at home mama to this little bird. Talk about an achy uterus ;). I try to hold you tightly and ask you frequently if you can stop growing. I say it teasingly, but you do not appreciate it. And I know, I must let you go.

Keep growing strong in your roots in this family, little bird, take all the good from me and your daddy, and brother, and your grandparents, and aunts and uncles, and everyone we are blessed to have in our village. Hold tight to all that good as you take flight into the world one little trip after another.  You continually amaze me as new things click and you suddenly master skills, how you care for and protect your brother, and how you can make a friend anywhere we go.

Displaying IMG_20160601_104944074.jpg

I'm so proud of you and love you more than I knew possible!

01 January 2016

container kids

It's been fun watching Dane change from a baby into a toddler. He is always up for a good challenge of fitting himself into any box or cupboard he can find and his sister is usually game to join.

Dane is now running and climbing. Nothing at the playground is off limits to him. He will happily work his way down the biggest slide on his belly. Speaking of which, his adorbable belly! Boy likes to eat. His little belly leads the way, creating his own little cushion when bumping into things. Dane is still a man of few words and many grunts. I'm not even sure we can claim a first word yet. He cries "mama," but until he happily calls me I'm not going to count it. He loves to sign and asks for milk, food, and a drink. Hence why he doesn't talk, he can clearly communicate all his favorite things. Dane seems to win everyone's heart with his smile, belly, and his endless hair cowlicks. He is starting to assert himself more and occasionally even throws a tantrum.

Maya adores her little brother and loves to hug him, smother him, mother him, clobber him...really anything along those lines. Maya has also become very independent during the day (I joke Marcus is her "bunkmate" at night...he gets bottom bunk, of course). She likes to go places and do things without her parents. She is jonesing for a booster seat, baby sister, and her own pack of bubble gum. We spend a fair amount of time finding words for her all her various emotions and problem solving all the little things that "bother" her physically (such as socks and most clothing). She may be little, but she feels BIG - the good and the bad. She cracks us up with all her silly big kid talk - our current favorite being her singing "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" replacing "Rudolph" with "Cheese Salad"?!

What isn't there to love about our container kids? Barring any tantrums/meltdowns...