18 December 2016

ho ho ho!

Maya was not at all hesitant (for the first time ever) to boldly go up an accept her gift from Santa Claus (aka Uncle John). Dane, however, wasn't interested in talking to strangers and choose to bury his head in his sister shoulder and pretend the moment wasn't happening (which, of course, was equally adorbs).

You can hear the collective "Oooos and awes" in the background, right?

He was very impressed with Mams and Paps' new Christmas train.

15 December 2016

picture catch up

Maya's newly created special hangout space. She proudly designed and decorated all with supplies found around our house.

Dane happily watching model trains go around and around. I'm not gonna lie, he bores me to death with trains, my adorable little foamer (loving term for train fanatic, but for real it is.)

Maya's story dedicated to her foamer brother. She just gets him.

"Me and Dane had a fun time at the train library. We also had fun at the kids play space."

Baby burritos!

13 December 2016

bakin posta

Do you ever get sick of making healthy food, might I even say yummy food, only to hear "Really mom?! This for dinner!" (Yes, note sarcasm...this isn't a happy 5 year old). I decided to start a dinner board and added a couple of "kid friendly" starters. Maya happily added a few brilliant ideas.

Should someone tell her we are a mostly vegan family? Bacon pasta, chicken with eggs, turkey and peppers..where does she get these ideas?

Time to concede. We are only a moderately vegan family. I'm being majorly out numbered by the carnivores.

I did find the secret to brainwashing her to my side, but it involves a dose of reality even the Engineer isn't comfortable with. One day I made a whole chicken and asked Maya to choose what part of the chicken she wanted for dinner. I realized she hadn't associated meat with coming from an animal. The visual sparked her curiosity. That wing was a chickens arm? Did some one died the chicken? How did they died it? (Gotta love kid grammar).

I very bluntly explained they cut the chickens head off.

Maya didn't eat dinner that night.

I'm not sure why or how that was my best way of explaining a chicken's demise, but it came out before I could think and I crushed her that night.

Poor carnivore, sweet, overly emotional child. Someday you will be tormented by your food and be in and out of a vegan state like your mother. Sorry, kid.

This is what bacon pasta ended up looking like. I took instruction from the little chef herself :).

12 December 2016

a day off

Marcus took a random week day off and we got to enjoy some one on one time with our little Dane man. We did a little of what he likes and little of what we like, so a slow morning playing trains and then a Cbus ride followed by lunch at El Arepazo it was.

I could get used to a day with these two handsome fellow every week!