01 January 2016

container kids

It's been fun watching Dane change from a baby into a toddler. He is always up for a good challenge of fitting himself into any box or cupboard he can find and his sister is usually game to join.

Dane is now running and climbing. Nothing at the playground is off limits to him. He will happily work his way down the biggest slide on his belly. Speaking of which, his adorbable belly! Boy likes to eat. His little belly leads the way, creating his own little cushion when bumping into things. Dane is still a man of few words and many grunts. I'm not even sure we can claim a first word yet. He cries "mama," but until he happily calls me I'm not going to count it. He loves to sign and asks for milk, food, and a drink. Hence why he doesn't talk, he can clearly communicate all his favorite things. Dane seems to win everyone's heart with his smile, belly, and his endless hair cowlicks. He is starting to assert himself more and occasionally even throws a tantrum.

Maya adores her little brother and loves to hug him, smother him, mother him, clobber him...really anything along those lines. Maya has also become very independent during the day (I joke Marcus is her "bunkmate" at night...he gets bottom bunk, of course). She likes to go places and do things without her parents. She is jonesing for a booster seat, baby sister, and her own pack of bubble gum. We spend a fair amount of time finding words for her all her various emotions and problem solving all the little things that "bother" her physically (such as socks and most clothing). She may be little, but she feels BIG - the good and the bad. She cracks us up with all her silly big kid talk - our current favorite being her singing "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer" replacing "Rudolph" with "Cheese Salad"?!

What isn't there to love about our container kids? Barring any tantrums/meltdowns...