06 June 2016

maya's 5th birthday

We celebrated Maya in style with a new trampoline and mermaid themed cookout out with all her favorite friends and family.

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Maya made sure everyone knew when her birthday was - she started campaigning for it a day after her last party in true Maya planning fashion. She is her mother's daughter with her plan a,b,&c always in place. This has been a big summer for Maya. She conquered riding her bike and swimming. She still has the sweetest little face and gentle soul full of big emotions. She has become surprisingly loud. I blame her crazy preschool class last year, but also welcome the boldness the volume brings out of her.

My favorite phrase from Maya has been in response to me deciding a project isn't able to be completed. She catches me off guard with her wise beyond years words, "Mom, do Oberholzers ever give up?! Well do they?" 

In a few weeks Maya will enter into Kindergarten. The beginning of a new chapter that feels far more like the beginning of the end. I am officially no longer needed as stay at home mama to this little bird. Talk about an achy uterus ;). I try to hold you tightly and ask you frequently if you can stop growing. I say it teasingly, but you do not appreciate it. And I know, I must let you go.

Keep growing strong in your roots in this family, little bird, take all the good from me and your daddy, and brother, and your grandparents, and aunts and uncles, and everyone we are blessed to have in our village. Hold tight to all that good as you take flight into the world one little trip after another.  You continually amaze me as new things click and you suddenly master skills, how you care for and protect your brother, and how you can make a friend anywhere we go.

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I'm so proud of you and love you more than I knew possible!