24 July 2016

mama's bday

Ok, so this card and babies are the best! (Thanks to Paps for the art behind the card :).

I enjoyed a slow morning with my love and dinner with family.

10 July 2016

happy 2nd birthday, dane!

For Dane's birthday with celebrated with his favorites - grandparents, balls, and dog themed party supplies. We kept it simple with pizza and cake. You charmed all your guests with your adorable smile and wowed us all with the immense amount of food you can consume (seriously, where does it go?), and your insane ball skills...many think we have a future soccer player on our hands, but really any sport is out of my skill set, so I'll do my best to foster that one :). 

Dane, I seriously cannot get enough of you. I have wanted to smoother you with kisses since the moment I met you. Sometimes you throw semi-intense tantrums or squak at me (hello, meal prep time!), But generally you are a happy little dude. Your sister is your world right now. If she's there, your there. If she says it, you repeat. You two crack each other up and comfort each other at the slightest boo boo or hurt feelings.

At two on the dot, you suddenly had a verbal boom and the words started flowing. I love hearing your little, sometimes big, voice. From your sweet little "Kkkkay" when you agree to everything I say to your obnoxious "Mmmaaaaaaaww" when you are joining me down to demand something or another (probably food).

I am grateful to spend my days with you, getting to witness your beautiful little mind unfold as you learn and grow. I love you, my little man!