31 August 2016

mama fails

This is what it looks like when a crafty toddler locks himself into the house and his mama out of it. What I don't have a picture of is his mama climbing up a ladder, panicked about heights, and awkwardly crawling through a kitchen window in a dress. Thanks for the shenanigan, Dane buddy, wouldn't want a Wednesday to get boring!

16 August 2016

school kid, cool kid

Now that "sis sir" is back at school, Dane and I have all day, everyday together. While it's fun to have one on one time with my little man, it's also daunting to fair the week without his main source of free, built-in entertainment (that's why we have two, right?!).

Ready to pick up his "sis sir" at school with his "pack pack!"

Ok, it's not really that hard to hang with this cool man :)

first day jitters

You cried, I cried and then you had an amazing first day. (Kindergarten! When did that happen?!) I asked a little girl in your class if you could sit by her and she said "Sure, she can be my best friend." and suddenly you were in the right place. We made the choice to trust our gut this year and put you in Montessori. It's an expensive decision, especially when I'm still a mostly stay at mama, but your dad and I are so excited to see you learn in this environment and, honestly, we are jealous, lucky duck :)

Here's to learning, growing, new investments, and new friends!

Celebrating a successful first day!