17 October 2016

family photo day

We had our annual family photos taken this Fall at the Scioto Mile, downtown Columbus. We used our favorite photographer, Emily. And while she captures the most beautiful pictures of our family that we smoother our walls and facebook pages with...lets keep it real...toddlers pick their noses (and apparently it's quite interesting for their sibling to watch).

They also give the biggest and best, knock you down, hugs!

07 October 2016


I love checking in on the kids once they are peacefully asleep (you know, after the reverse hostage negotiation situation has ended and they turn from bed time terrorists to my sweet sleeping babies). Every once in a blue moon they are cuddled up in such a way that I turn on my flash and risk starting the process all over in order to capture a moment as perfect as this.

Bed sharing siblings.
Best friends (fine, frienemies) for life.
The two little loves of my life.
Little buddy and his pillow sissy.