27 May 2017

dear rosalie

The Oberholzer family couldn't have been more excited the arrival of Auntie Sarah and Uncle Marques' newest addition. And let me remind you, Rosalie, how much you made us work for that arrival, hello 30 hour labor at home (never forget your mama is a superhero)! We love how busy you are, your sweet smiles, and that beautiful head of curly hair. 

Some of us were more eager to smoother you than others. Maya has made it clear that she'd like to be your mommy and she holds you with more confidence than a 5 year old should have with a tiny baby. I'm afraid you are stuck with a second "mama" and bestie for life.

Eventually even this little mister has grown to love "Rosie." He has become very protective of you, reminding everyone to be ever so gentle with you. He couldn't be more proud to provide you with a baby storytime that rivals any local library. And look at you sitting so attentively through the toddler rendition of "The train goes" and "Brown Bear." You don't even mind when he throws his train book in the mix for the fifth time. I have a feeling you two are going to be best buds.

Welcome to the family, Miss Rosalie. We love you!

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