11 February 2017

disney on ice

Our unicorn and tiger stuck out a little in the sea of princesses, but hey they were cozy and unique - true Maya and Dane fashion!

Thanks, Oma and Opa, for the tickets!

sleepy heads

Asleep mid-play in this one!

Painting will take it out of you...

Don't even mention balloons...zzzzz. (That was a very accidental, perfect photo moment. Thank you Dane for being such an artistic snoozer!)

the magic

My baby decided it was time to start dropping some teeth. Really it was more I looked in her mouth one day and there were big teeth growing behind baby ones. So, I encouraged her the reward of tooth fairy $ to get wiggling those bad boys.

Let it be known sometime during the night of February 9th her first baby tooth popped out.

We went back and forth on whether the tooth fairy was real. Basically a convo of "Do you want to believe in said make believe person, who is watching you and breaking and entering into our house to bring you something while you sleep?" Creepy, right. And then me assuring her I will always tell her the truth, which ends with her knowing the truth and us all choosing to make believe, anyway.

I felt bad for bursting her bubble and created this beautiful display of her "tooth fairy" booty...to keep some sense of magic alive.

Skills, right. And, well, Pinterest.

Maya, however, came downstairs with an unfolded dollar and said the tooth fairy just crumpled up the money into her tooth pillow. Gotta be kidding me?!?! Luckily I took a photo to preserve my work for all eternity.

Goodness she's somehow even more adorable with her new big kid smile starting to form. Love this kid.