17 March 2017


We finally got to see Ada in action at one of her gymnastics competitions. She's been working hard and we are proud of the determined and fun-loving little lady she's becoming!

Entertaining themselves while waiting for Ada's turn to preform.

And our pitstop at Dennison Depot for Dane the train man!

02 March 2017

wise beyond their years

Enjoying some puddle jumping during our abnormally warm February weather.

These days my little Dane man is becoming a little Dalai Lama of sorts. He often tells me, "Go so slow," as he walks at a pace that makes a snail look rushed. He's working on his mama, helping me take time to smell the roses. He also helps me by telling me to "Be so quiet. No talking." It's true, Dane man, listening is a better virtue that yapping away. I get, I'm flawed, but I do pee in the potty, so I have that on your wise little soul.

Scootering "so slow". Really, I don't understand. The kid has mad moves on his scooter, yet we are doing everything geriatric style. 2 year olds shouldn't be this patient.

Maya on the other hand seems to be in a rush. She is reading and writing like a champ. She now spells out "secret" words to us like "d-a-n-e needs a n-a-p," followed my a very grown up eye raise and smirk. She likes to keep her calendar packed with playdates, activities, and really anything that isn't just being at home. Her first question at school pickup (after Dane attacks her with a big hug) is, "Are there any specials today?" She maintains a good bit of friend drama. Who knew girl caddiness started so young? Recently she announced, "I can't wait until we are teenagers and will all be nice to each other!" I didn't have the heart to burst that bubble.

I love being surprised by Maya's hugs and I love yous or unexpected thank yous. She really is the sweetest.

Both kids are showing their own unique ways of loving on us. Dane likes to hold hands. He'll cuddle up next to me and find my hand. Maya is a nuzzler. She wiggles her way into my arms and rubs her cheek against my face like a puppy.

Loving watching these two grow and seeing their personalities unfold!